Health is vital for all of us, so finding immanent solutions for improving the challenges of our world is extremely momentous. That’s why we in Darman Ara are committed to apply our business resources to promote the health and quality of life.

Darman Ara is a private Joint Stock Iranian pharmaceutical company introduced itself to Iranian pharmaceutical market in 2000. We are a modern and customer-focused importer of various innovative medicines worldwide. Darman Ara has strictly adhered to its strong corporate values of Quality, Novelty, Availability and Affordability. That's why to explain our activity with touching and inspiring words we have selected "effort for health" as our company's motto.

Since establishment of Darman Ara, our special activity has been focused on the field of Plasma-derived and Biological medicine. Over the last 12 years, Darman Ara has gained a remarkable reputation in importation of Plasma-derived medicines in the local market.

Also several projects have been accomplished successfully by collaboration of Darman Ara with health care providers & governmental and local communities such as MOH, FDO, IBTO ,IBRF, Charity Foundation of Special Disease, Iranian Association of Hemophilia, Iranian Primary Immunodeficiency Association, Iranian Society of Cancer & Iranian Society of Nutrition.

Our portfolio consists of several molecules that support wellness prevention & treatment for diseases across broad range of therapeutic areas. These products are already available to most of the world’s population and we continue our attempts to increase the relevant global access.

At present we are the official distributor of some international companies including Biotest AG, Nestlé Health Science, B. Braun, Biofactor, NNE Pharmaplan and so on, which are mostly in the field of Plasma-derived medicines, Metabolic, Endocrine and Gastrointestinal disease, Clinical Nutrition and biotechnology industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is maintaining our current position in plasma industry providing our consultancy services in the same field, continuing our activities to be a leading pharmaceutical company in production and importation of pharmaceutical & supplementary products in compliance with the principles of quality and Quantity.

Our Mission

Our Mission is promoting the level of public health in our society as well as securing pharmaceutical demand of the country by supplying the best quality products with optimum pricing structure.

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