Business Strategy

Partnering with Darman Ara Company

The risk of entering a new pharmaceutical market is almost as high as the risk of setting up a new business ,so the same formula cannot be applied in different countries .The main difficulties which are faced by small businesses attempting to break into a new market are lack of market knowledge and complexity in finding expertise people who have the reliable knowledge and could advise about product adaption.
We believe that the strategic partnership is the main point for succes. We are continually seeking new products and compounds to add to our portfolio, co-marketing opportunities, and expansion of our distribution network.
Based on wisely investing and recognizing the mutual interests with our business partners, we strive to develop an open and mutually advantageous relationship that fully meets the benefits of both sides. In order to maintain and develop our business under challenging circumstances, we are constantly trying for improvement within our structure and business processes considering our priorities and strategic goals as well as our competitive advantages.

Our Strength:

Under current situation of global sanctions against our country ,we do our financial activity via our reputed partner "Examon Group" to facilitate commerce fellow for other partners. Therefore our partnership will let you experience a fast, easy and straight forward process from initial discussion of mutual interests to launch of the product into the Iranian market including, comprehensive analysis of the market potential , signing an agreement and the regulatory submission and registration process.

We are well known company for excellent track records in achieving timely product registration, overachieving agreed target, growing business on yearly basis ,prompt invoice settlement and ability to import unregistered medicines through specialize licenses received by Iranian MOH.

We will continue our collaboration with international pharmaceutical industries in order to strengthen our presence in new therapeutic areas and enter in high growth markets. We believe that if our customers succeed we would be successful.


Our Mission:

Our main objective is to facilitate the health system to improve the quality of life by providing the best and most advanced medicines for our community . We achieve our goals by facilitating the importation of such medications which are manufactured by the most famous international pharmaceutical companies. Indeed, we accomplish our missions by commitment to our standards.

Our Vision:

As health is the most valuable blessing that a person have, we seriously try to use the state-of-the-art in our business process in order to help people feel healthy, happy and enjoy their lives . We not only import the high quality medicines but also connect our local companies to the best sources of Know-How for equipping local pharmaceutical industry with the best chance of proper development. We respect our competitors and work together in a professional ways considering our motto "Effort for Health".

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